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  • "Red Violinist" By Joseph Santori

    "Red Violinist" By Joseph Santori

    $ 99.95

    $ 275.00

    Edition Size: 50 Dimensions: 20" X 20" Medium: Fine Art 240 Cotton Textured- One of ten created and sold iterations in this study. The creation of these pieces is a very physical process meant to capture the dreamlike sensation of being enraptured by the music either in performance or simply listening.

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  • "Intention" By Joseph Santori

    "Intention" By Joseph Santori

    $ 69.95

    $ 200.00

    Edition Size: 50 Dimensions: 14" x 26" Medium: Alpha Cellulose 230 GSM Neutral PH Archive Dreams and aspirations are like birds on a power line.  Fun to look at, not always easy to get to, yet always there when you look.

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  • "Projection" By Joseph Santori

    "Projection" By Joseph Santori

    $ 89.95

    $ 179.00

    Edition Size: 50 Dimensions: 24" X 9.25" Medium: Canson Arches 240 GSM, Aquilla Cotton Rag Using music as an outlet to release all that builds within one’s self, is very effective.

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